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Our group aimed to explore a creative way of thinking and working by building an audio-visual installation during the charrette week. We were divided into small groups to create animations and sound productions. After that, various elements were combined to create something spectacular. According to a randomly selected set of rules, animations were made by creating abstract sequences of hand-drawings and digital motion-graphics. Additionally, randomly selected instruments were utilised to create various pieces of sound recordings. Then the animation and audio productions were adjusted to match each other. The ultimate audio-visual production was projected on layers of large acrylic panels in a dim showroom with haze. It was an impressive work in charrette celebration due to its strong characteristics. The sound was weird and a bit creepy, thus it caught people’s attention immediately. Although visitors could not figure out a specific meaning for either the animation or sound, they were fascinated by the sense of mystery that the whole showroom created.

The charrette week was an interesting learning and exploring process. To me, the most interesting part about this project is that instead of focusing on the final effect, we designed a strategy of working, no one could tell how the outcome would look like before we put everything together, which is a good way to create a production that is outside of our logic and thinking limitations.



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