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Charrette week was a week of innovation by art major and architecture major. During this week, all students from stage 1 to master were randomly assigned to different groups for different innovative projects. Group 7 was a “Spectacular Strategy”. Themes were film, audio and creativity. Simply speaking, it was separated into two products, a sound and an animation, which were simple individually but when they joined together, they would form a continuous animated with sound. All this randomly generated content, tuned to perfection by our participants, would come together in an installation of projection and sound within a room of haze and scrim. Our final aim was to discover if this method can produce a final installation which was spectacular or a failure of the adventitious. In group 7 we were divided into two groups of members, making animation and making sound. In animation making group we used the charcoal crayon to drawn some abstract pattern, and thought about how did they get drawn as when we made they to be an animation, it was a process to show how did they form. So we should draw 24 patterns to combine they to be a complete pattern in 1 second, because there are 24 frames per second. In sound making group, we made use of a relatively routine tool to produce sound and record. Imaging your sound came from, or thinking how our animations process to make sound. After those the tutors Gareth Hudson and Phil Begg would use them to a complete animation. Finally the result of our work was very successful. In the dark environment, light and fog make the room full of mystery, animation with sound was segmented by scrim. Maybe that was spectacular… Either way, we learned some strategies for overcoming our creative quandaries while exploring some new methods of creative production and collaboration.

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