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Honestly, this is a very new experience for me to write an academic blog as I have never done this before. You are bound to produce a good quality if work as others see what you post and comment on our post. The idea of writing a blog and reading other peoples blog from all over the world excites me as helps me explore other people opinions. This innovative way of doing the assignments also helped me to be engaged with the module throughout the semester.

In first blog meeting we discussed about the things that we had to do for this module. And at that time I was quite afraid to begin with as I never had this kind of exposure. But after few weeks I started to figure out things easily. We created a pages for our blog post and every member posted their bio with their own pictures.

Every lecture covered different aspects of urban design, such as Sustainable Transport, Landscape Urbanism, Effective Economics, Neighbourhood design and Politics of Urban Design etc. And afterwards each member decided on their own to write a blog about any lecture which fascinated him/her the most. In the beginning it was quite difficult to write such post which has to attract people to read. But with the help of our blog leader Georgia Giannopoulou and technical support by Simonhoneywood, Readysalted we managed to sort out things properly.

The first blog post was trial blog to write about the Charrette week which was regarding the first week in the Newcastle University after the start of semester. Later when I published the blog about Neighbourhood Planning, I started feeling confident about posting the blogs. During the Christmas vacation I searched thoroughly about my second topic for the blog which was on sustainable transport as better future. I like this topic a lot and have always read about this issue to be aware of the different transport systems to be used for sustainable development.

To be honest, I always had fear in writing things but this module has gave me an opportunity to overcome it. Each member in the group worked as a team and I was so happy to see this. Everyone was very helpful throughout the semester. Also, we had such a great opportunity to see other group member opinions on the same blogs post. Everyone was free to comment on any blog which he agrees or disagrees with.

Finally I am so grateful to have such kind of module as it not only helped me to learn from lectures but also from the blog writings. I found this exercise quite interesting and innovative. I will be looking forward to write more blog posts in the second semester.  


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