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The Reflection of Blog: Semester 1

First of all, I would like to thank Professor Tim Townshend for the series of lectures on urban design theory. I think as a design major, theory is a necessary tool. Because theory is the advice left by designers of past dynasties, in addition many theories are the methods of design and common sense in reality. These are very helpful for our future design.

Theme of Blog

As for the theme of Blog, I have been sure for a long time, because I am interested in transportation. I have also read a lot about traffic planning, such as Jan Gehl’s Calls for People. In the lecture hall of Principe and Practice of Urban Design, Professor Martin Podevyn’s Sustainable Urban Transport is of interest to me. Because of my own personal experience, I think the impact of traffic planning on urban residents is too great. It will not only affect people’s way of life and travel, but also affect people’s thinking. I live in a small city in Guangdong Province, China. My hometown is not developed, even the most backward city in Guangdong Province. The city covers a small area but has a large population. This leads to a phenomenon that the urban routes are very narrow and the traffic is very congested. With more than 20 years of economic development, most of the residents have become wealthy, but they think they have to have a car to travel conveniently in this city. But I think this idea is wrong, because it is a high density city. Public transport should be taken seriously, rather than cars, but planners are expanding the scale of roads. So I think it is necessary to improve this idea or promote sustainable transport.

Design for Blog

In fact, sharing articles in the form of blogs is a new attempt, and this is the first time I have done so. Of course, I like this kind of teaching mode very much, because it will be easier, and can share ideas with each other. Even in this process, students may have a little conflicting opinions. I think contradiction is inevitable, because we cannot ask each other to have the same opinion as ourselves. And the collision between contradictions is also the shining point of Blog. In order to make my blog look simple and straightforward, I chose professional writing. I will try my best to complete my blog and ensure its quality within my scheduled time. Blog also encouraged me to read more articles and enriched my knowledge.

Generally speaking, I have gained a lot this semester, and I have also got many students opinions to share. In the next semester, I will try to study new topics. For example community design, which I am more interested in new sustainable communities, because social renewal is a very important topic today. Thank you again for the professors and lecturers who belong to UD. I hope that next semester I can share more views on urban design with you on Blog.



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