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Thank you for sharing the interesting story about the New York High Line. Though High Line is exactly a famous case of regenerating case, Superkelien is also a liner open space as a revitalizing zone with a mix of different cultures in Copenhagen.

Located in Nørrebro district of Copenhagen, Denmark, Superkilen was designed the art group called Superflex. The total length of the park is 750 meters, and the park is connected by three different color areas: a major red plaza, a rich black market, and a vivid green park.

It’s an impressive project giving us another solution for creating an open space. Since there are so many different cultures and religions living in the district. To integrate them as an uni-community, Superkilen enhanced the diverse characters by furniture and artwork in each area including benches from Brazil, swings from Iraq, litter bins from England, and a fountain from Morocco. Overall, there are 108 plants and objects representing the diversity of its ethnicity.

In conclusion, in recent years, we could notice that there are more and more cases attempting to solve the spatial issue not only by big square open space but also linear.

Designing linear open space in a different way could somehow enhance the connection among surrounding neighborhoods, promote biodiversity from A to B, or even both.


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