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Thank you for sharing your post on the lessons to be learned from Detroit’s decline, highlighting important warnings for mono-industrial places and how to revitalise a city in a state of decline. Detroit is an interesting example of managed decline on a large scale that showcases natures reclamation of the built environment as well as the city’s efforts to regenerate.

Detroit is a prime example of monoculutral managed decline creating urban decay due to the post-industrial landscape with over 70,000 abandoned buildings. However, Detroit also showcases a variety of experimental grass root ventures into urban renewal, ranging from Urban farming agrihood food sovereignty to unofficial adoption of abandoned spaces, such as The Heidelberg Project, to Place-hacking that grew out of the urban exploration movement.

You have made some good points on resolving the underlining issue faced by Detroit namely; economic diversification, focused growth & social inclusive networks to create population stability, which produces a good example for other cities facing the similar issues, although Detroit does face deep rooted American specific issues regarding race that need to be overcome, namely the US practice of Redlining communities that initially created the issues of social segregation, white flight and financial separation of communities.


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