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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on industrial potential, Ainaz. I too have a keen interest in the reclamation of derelict space and found your post invaluable in highlighting the potential for revitalisation in a post-industrial environment. A few good examples of such come to mind such as Newcastle’s Ouseburn, Ten Streets Development or Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle.

Industrial cities hold great potential through regeneration that you have highlighted as ‘a city within a city’, with many cases of industrial decline in a monocultural town or city being a large issue to tackle with isolation creating vast areas of abandoned streetscape deprived of life with uninviting practical buildings beyond the human scale which often feel lost in a contemporary city.

However these traits lends themselves perfectly to revitalisation through the creative and digital industries particularly for louder or more space consuming endeavours such as workshops or nightclubs or studios formulating vitality for a mixed use inner-city industry without disturbing surrounding residential developments, while preserving and maintaining the strong local traditions and culture associated with the industrial heritage allowing the growth of these clusters has been vital in creating ‘authentic’ areas.


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