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Thanks, Harley, for sharing your experiences with NewcastleGateshead’s Lateshow, as a cultural event it has great ideals of evoking community interaction while also encouraging education and uptake of a variety of creative and artistic endeavours. I agree with your thoughts particularly on the Ouseburn area as a hidden gem of a creative cluster, I often find people who are aware of it but have never taken the opportunity to visit, and with events such as The Late Show it allows a unique public offering to bring a community together.

The importance of festivilastion of urban spaces for revitalisation of an area has been an increasingly used and effective means for regenerating both the physical area and the community I would recommend looking at books such as Andrew Smiths “Events and Urban Regeneration: The Strategic Use of Events to Revitalise Cities” and “Eventful cities: cultural management and urban revitalisation” by Greg Richards& Robert Palmer. Furthermore, events such as The Late Show have becoming increasingly popular in regards to the use of public spaces with events such as Durham’s Lumiere that allow an area to extend their active time frames and provide a tourism offering bringing further vitality to the area.

The Ouseburn offers a compelling area for a creative cluster, as often the creative and non-standard industries thrive within a post-industrial area due to the industrial areas decline offering adequate space for studios and workshops at often affordable rates. This match of industries provides a good for fit for revitalising an area while maintaining strong links through adaptation of buildings to the local culture and heritage.


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