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Thank you, Gin, for a very thought-provoking article discussing the elements that affect dweller’s mental health in a city. In this comment, I would like to go further reviewing the elements of the building environment that can help to enhance mental health by the respect of psychology.


Nowadays, not only architects or urban designers discuss how the cities’ environment can improve mental health, but also neuroscientists and psychologists. They have already proved that the environment man made can seriously affect our mind and mood. Their test showed that the geometry can change the growing speed of cells in the hippocampal region in a human’s brain.


To make the environment positive, we should make the buildings along the street complicated and interesting because it will let people curious when they glance at it in the street. Also, the warm color which is with long wavelength can make people more delight than cold color (Giard, 2017)


Thank for the scientific analysis which really helps us to identify a good place for people in a city. We can know rather than monotonous design, using creativity to form a complex and interesting space could be a positive ingredient for mental health. Greenery can make a pleasant view for people traveling in a city, and a warm color can enhance our mood.


Bond, M. (2019). The hidden ways that architecture affects how you feel. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 May 2019]

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