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The ethos of this cultural event is great, allowing local artists and designers to showcase and express their work. The result of such, is an expression of art on a multitude of levels through diverse and alternate methods. The event has continued to grow, more and more, year on year joining the journey of self-expression and opening their doors to the public for this special two day event. This year, the first day which was yesterday, the 17th May was set in the distinct area of Ouseburn, renowned for its heritage and its resurgence of industrial buildings, that now cater for the creatives that reside in the valley.

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It is an outstanding setting for such a cultural event, especially for those who have not visited before. To say how close in proximity it is to the city centre, the alternative landscape which it offers is rather breathtaking. The contrast that Ouseburn bestows is outstanding, where at times you feel transported to a post industrial meadow of greenery and brick, the glimpses and remnants of the city remind you of where you actually are. Ouseburn is somewhat of a dark horse in Newcastle, creating and spawning a large amount of culture for the city with its ties to its former past. The area definitely provides something for everyone and should be explored in all its wonder. The late shows provides the opportunity to not only do this but also to access and appreciate the interiors of the former industrial buildings which have been put to new uses. The images taken below show examples of the studio spaces and uses, where one is a ceramic and sculpture studio and just down the hallway from this there is a printing studio which specialises in lino prints and lithographs.

The sharing of such cultures, spaces and art to the whole spectrum of society really is beneficial and very inspirational. Not only seeing what the creatives are producing but where they actually do so, is humbling and a great way to showcase what Newcastle has to offer. 







Photo is authors own



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