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Charrette sunmmary

Through this charrette make me thinking more divergent, make me thinking become more special, make me know how to get along well with your team members more tasks to complete, as I choose this topic at the beginning, just think it’s fun, when faced with so many interesting lovely students from around the world, that kind of happy. At first the teacher to teach us some relatively simple design, such as how to create a space that make people comfortable, work, rest or chat room. Then let’s draw some simple elements, and by summarizing and extracting these elements, let’s make

the best use of these elements for the next step.Next we print a lot of small pictures, these pictures are very beautiful elements, including some of the ideas and design of the space, then students and teachers actively to delete selected, select the best picture, will decorate next studio has a great help, we were divided into a lot of different groups are decorated with studio, which I was assigned to a set of the wall, we first discuss in detail, let each other between the students learning, analysis their own perception of the problem and idea, and then the work lists, begin to division of labor cooperation,During this period, there were a lot of problems about how to deal with decorative elements, which also caused disputes. However, the problem was solved in time, and the customer service problem was also very good, which was also a good experience.



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