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In the Charrette week, I joined the “Made (Not) For Instagram”, we propose installations using both tangible and intangible media to simulate a heightened sense of consumer experience that covers all the touchpoints of retail.

My group created an installation inspired by the patterns of the provided outfit, it is in the theme of artificial, natural, aesthetic. We focused on the viewer’s perspective and interaction of the exhibition, like how to draw the attention of viewers to our installation. We designed the background illusion which emulated from the outfit to draw the attention of the viewers, including another element, the color paper leaves which emulated from the trousers. Our installation allowed the outfit to viewed from different angles by using the reflective materials which are mirrors and tin-foil, and also support them with the spotlights.

Although the outcome of our installation was to look like a scarecrow in a horror movie, it can draw a lot of attention from the audience. The difficulty in doing this installation is the position of hanging the outfit and the angles of light reflection. Due to the limitations of the shape of the shirt, making it difficult to hang, and the temperature and duration of the spotlights, we cannot turn on all the time of the exhibition. In my opinion, this installation is just a pilot prototype for the retail innovation, this can be improved and development by integrating with some techniques or technologies e.g.holographic, computer software, application, AR or VR systems, lighting design, etc. It is an idea that can apply for many types of goods, It is an enhancement to another step of product display.

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