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This phenomenon happens in the city where I am living, Jakarta the capital of Indonesia. The city for almost 10,5 million people. Dazzling with all the opportunity to find better living and better job. This city has dense urban fabric that makes many problems in providing space for various people needs.

This Housing estate called Cosmo Park a housing complex located in the top of shopping mall called Thamrin city, a mega mix building contains shopping, office, apartment, and school in the centre of Jakarta. This housing estate sit in the roof of the mall 10thfloor above the ground. The housing estate established since 2007 and now fully occupied and sold.

The estate consists of their own distribution road and their own park and complete with swimming pool, club house and tennis court. And the house also has their own yard and own garage. To enter the site with car we need to enter special car ramp to the estate with limited access. And this estate dedicated to the people who lives in there.

For the perspective of urban design this happen because one of the part of the city development reach its limits of providing houses in city centre. The common models of accommodation in the dense city is to create tower block apartment. But in this models they want to build landed house in the city centre. In this man-made artificial high land raise from the ground intent to separate the neighbourhood into more sterile and much exclusive for wealthier people. This kind of living is kind of living above the sky in the mount of Olympus just only for selective people can live.

For some positive benefit the estate is the answer for people who wants landed house in the heart of city centre. Because its located above the ground you can get fresh air comparing in lower ground of the city that full of smoke from tons of vehicles every day. You also get free from noise from the traffic below. But the price in this estate is very expensive and jut for upper class income.

In the context of where it is located the building itself contain various facilities below the estate. But its consider a failure to solve urban quality of the place. The building itself place in the dense area of low income and high traffic flow. It has shopping mall that attract people to comes from the other place but less of the people that living in the apartment using the shopping mall. The building has office tower that the people who work in the office tower, living far away from the building. The people that living in the estate have to take their children to school far away from their home. That such condition the building fills with outsider and create never ending traffic jam surround the building because in surrounding area there isn’t sufficient public transport to cover all of the people. And people prefer to use their own car or their own motorcycle.

Is this called living in lavish and comfortable? For few people maybe is the answer of practical living in the big city. It can take you to more selective community and get the environment that protect from outsider. But It is solution of the city itself? or it just the solution of the people that can buy the property? Many of this mixed use model in our city cannot success to make better quality of urban environment because this models keep collecting people to one point and not to spread them in larger area. And create greater congestion and denser population.

In my opinion, we should make the quality of urban design for everyone, and the models of mixed use single building that gathering more people to one point not solving the problem. It’s should have supported with suitable public transport and make the function more spread around the city and try to reduce private vehicle.



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