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Overall, I am glad to be part of this blog. Writing blogs is a new experience and very challenging for me. I have never done something like a blog post or anything like a webpage before. However, I think it is a good chance to learn this because as an urban designer, it is a job that have to work and communicate with people. This blog is also one of the communication methods, so it can be a good exercise to sharpen our skill.

In my opinion, this blog assignment is more useful than the common academic writing assignments such as essays or reports. I can learn something new through friend’s blogs and comments, since we come from different backgrounds, I can see and get into their various viewpoints and knowledge. It could not be like this in common academic writing assignments because I could not read other people’s works and I could not get any comments or feedback from various people. In addition, the aim of the blog is to send a message to readers who might be new to the topics or don’t have any critical knowledge about urban design, I got to practise how to write it as informal style and don’t get too much academic style. Unfortunately, I think that my two blogs this semester are still written in too much academic style, so I need to improve more next time. This blog improves my research and reading skill because I have to make sure and proof about my information before posting.

I think the blog’s meeting is a simulation of the situation which would happen when we actually go to work in the future, getting some of us to take turns to be chair and a minutes taker each week also a good chance to practise as those roles. I like how all students can get involved in creating this blog, such as design the heading, banner, color tone, etc., it makes me feel like we are really launching this blog, not a feeling of just doing the assignments. I think time and frequency of the meeting is appropriate, but I think it should have some meetings that get involved from tutors (apart from the first time), so we can have guidelines or suggestions from them on what we have done. The bad thing about this blog is the technicality of image and text layout which is not flexible since sometimes it is not as intended such as the space between lines, or space between image and line.

According to me, the Instagram account is useful to promote our blogs, since I can see the likes that come from people who are not in our class, and some of our pictures got some comments. Therefore, it can be said that this kind of promoting is work. However, I think Pinterest is not that effective in terms of getting attention from people. I think when people go to Pinterest, mostly they want to find some images or inspirations, so if our blog’s cover image does not look attractive enough, people are not going to go on our blog.

So, to sum it up, this is a satisfying experience to learn how to apply the urban design info with personal experience or other fields of knowledge and publicize them.


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