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From my personal experience, writing for a blog format assessment has been a learning curve for me. The nature of blogging is slightly different from writing an academic language when I was an undergrad. It is hard to know the right ingredients if there is a fine line boundary in regards of how much of my opinion has to be put in or even how much academic context to add to create an argument. I find this form of writing an innovative way and a form of communication to conduct and push a message to general public. Not only that, people prefers reading a text that has a ‘shade of personality’ and informal and I think that is what people are captivated to read. But most importantly, this blogging experience is to raise awareness that underpins urban design principles and our own personal experiences with it. 

My blogging experience is complimented by series of lectures and talks which are the basis of our blog post. These lectures help us engaged on different studies and variety of issues. It is great to read and being engage on other student’s perspectives and applying what they learnt and their experience with it. From my experience, issues in urban design is not always a black and white scenario. We often sees grey areas and nuances on certain topics. In this exercise, we are able to comment on their topics to challenge by agreeing or disagreeing or even proposing a case studies to compliment or add up on their post. 

One thing that stand about this blog experience that it is a student led management. I believe this is a valuable transferable skills to have as a personal development and preparation of our future jobs. In the first days of this module, I was in a team of 3 with Andrew and Kate. Our main task was to create a banner that will be used in the blog. We have a discussion in great detail on what colour to use and what would be the main theme as a banner. We decided to have a general accepted consensus that we are using infrastructures and monuments that identifies Newcastle and ‘what makes Newcastle, Newcastle’ to add context to our banner. It has been an insightful to work and contribute into something that adds impact to the viewer/reader’s experience. 

Despite that it is a student led and it run by fortnightly sessions, I think the tutors should also take part in like once a month to check in our progress, to ask advice in terms of blogging style and other pressing concerns. 

All in all, the blogging experience has been enjoyable and fun. It has its own challenges such as my transitioning of academic writing style into informal/casual form of writing with academic undertones was a big challenge for me. Lastly, due to the student led nature of how the module is run, it has a huge emphasis and fully embedded on teamwork, collaboration and time management as part of the soft skillsets that we learnt from this module.

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