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First off, I would like to say thank you to everyone that has engaged with the blog, your support has been lifting and truly inspiring to keep on writing.

it’s been a memorable debut and introduction into the world of blogging. Going from being a university student and diving into the world of blogging has given me a lot to think about, and experienced an unexpected new way of learning, not by focused solo teaching and studying, but instead by connecting and sharing ideas between many fantastic individuals. Bringing everyone together such as this blog has from many different backgrounds has offered me some fresh insights into certain topics and has given a fresh breath of excitement into learning more and more from the people around me, an experience that books and articles can’t offer.

I find this approach especially useful, I think as designers we are often too obsessed with the past and don’t usually stop and take in more from the modern climate, and often reach back into the past to find old solutions for new problems. Although not the worst thing in the world and is often useful to look back and learn from what did and did not work. But exposing yourself to the modern Eco-system such as this blog has done, I find to offer more interesting perspectives on the current modern world.

Having weekly meetings was key to this experience, being in a room surrounded by everyone was a very progressive way of developing the blog, I don’t think the blog would have been fully realised if this wasn’t the case, the meetings were clear direct and also a lot of fun to engage with. Each meeting also had a designated chair and minute taker, which was extremely helpful in keeping track on the progress and conversations and gave everyone a mutual agenda leading onto the next meeting.

I also had the unique experience of designing and writing the text of the blog, leading the team alongside Nadine was a great experience to have. This was done at the beginning of the project and it was a good leadership experience to stand in front of everyone and lead brain storming sessions for creative titles for each topic, and then defining what the blog is via the description. It was a strong immediate impact for me and going away with Nadine to create and establish the blog was a fun process.

So, in summary, I’ve found the blog to be a positive experience, at first I kind of found it challenging to write, but then it’s realising that blog writing is the in-between of academic and casual, you need to create something that’s easily digestible but also thought provoking. And when that sweet spot is met, you feel truly connected and I don’t think there’s many better ways of learning, especially something as complex as Urban Design.


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