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I have always believed that the university is not only a place that we learn from lectures and tutors but also from each other as students. I think this blog is proof of that, it is an innovative learning task that provides a good platform in order to engage with different ideas. It’s also a good example of how social media can be used efficiently and effectively. Until a few months ago I had the opinion that social media is just a waste of time but now I am glad to be able to say that I was wrong.

When I learned that I should write a blog as someone who has tried to stay away from social media as much as I could, I found myself uneasy and unprepared in an unexpected situation. I found that mixing the informal language of blog writing and formal academic writing challenging; that’s why I felt uneasy. The uncertainty of this mixed format encouraged and forced me to write more personally and creatively but I’m not sure how successful I was.

Sharing my opinions publicly was not a thing that I’m enthusiastic about because I wasn’t sure about what I have to share, and so I felt unprepared. But this task forced me to think deeply about lectures and research about the topics that I’m interested in, which helped me to improve my knowledge. I choose to not limit my writing with the topic of a single lecture instead of that I tried to connect the dots from different topics. I found that important with a consideration of the future based on the existing situations that we face in cities. Yet the word limitations and my current level of knowledge have not allowed me to do more than just scratching the surface.

Reading the posts of other people from different professions and diverse backgrounds was also exciting and enlighting as well as writing. I believe understanding the different perspectives, at least, trying to is a good starting point for the urban design profession when you consider that we try to understand more complex beings; the cities.

The urban design blog turned out to be a productive and enriching tool of the learning process and I like to thank you for that to people who established this blog and the people who shared their ideas, experiences and interests enthusiastically. I like to think this platform is not only beneficial for us but for people who interested in urban design wherever they are and for the future students of this module. Reading the past year’s posts is also interesting to see how the interests, topics and approaches changing overtime.

Overall, I would say being part of this platform was a pleasant surprise and a unique experience.


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