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Regarding my experience with the first semester of TCP8090, it has been a refreshing one, nothing that I have previously practiced before. The tasks at hand were not challenging but infact rewarding. During the initial weeks I was given the task to create the blog banner alongside Van and Kate, having met a few times, we felt like creating something with the theme of Newcastle would be the best to represent our blog with a two-tone colour scheme, keeping it minimalist. I took this task very seriously, having a passion for graphic design and design in general, I wanted to create a banner that looks aesthetically pleasing and also represents the blog well and I’m proud that the banner made it onto the blog page.

Concerning the blog in general, I felt that with the help of Georgia, Simon and Emily and each of their respective lectures really gave us a good insight into what it takes to set up, design and write a blog. Understanding it is key to grasp the reader’s attention and to keep the reader guessing, nothing like a boring old essay, and I have enjoyed writing my blog posts, now considering creating my own personal blog. Writing the charrette post, was formative but I felt like it gave me the right kickstart and knowledge to understand what it takes to write a blog, making it much easier to write the two main entries.

With regards to the fortnightly self-directed meetings, some of the meetings were productive, however, some not really. Having attended all of the meetings I feel like the meeting where Georgia had attended, was much more productive than the others, ideas would be flowing better and points would come across more often, overall more time efficient relative to output. If there was an overseer like Georgia or Simon at each session, I feel like people would take it more sincerely and genuinely. Having taken the minutes for one of the self-directed meetings, this was new to me, the meeting was relaxed, and I tried to help people to bring their ideas across with the Chair. I had recorded the meeting on my phone, making sure points was recorded and not missed in my notes, so I could ensure everyone would receive the points raised in the email I forwarded to the group.

Finally, at times I feel like as a group we should have more control over the blog. The overall design of the blog, how to add tabs or change certain features of the blog website, these tasks would be forwarded and left for Simon. I think it would have been beneficial to give us more freedom regarding this issue. Overall the first semester of this module has been insightful and enjoyable, and I am looking forward to continuing the blog the following semester.



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