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Through this semester of study, I learned and felt a lot, especially the opportunity to learn the knowledge system and structure of students from different national backgrounds. When drawing pictures together, I can always hear and exchange some new questions, but also the first time to write a blog, record our knowledge of comment , you can better improve your knowledge, it is a very good habit, we can continue to maintain it in the future.

This semester is mainly a lot of reading and learning on the subject of knowledge economy, so that I can understand how to make the city through the original geographical advantages, resource advantages, the advantages of talents, the advantages of knowledge resources, and more inexhaustible. Inexhaustible, improve and develop people’s economic status quo, make cities better transformed, and let people live a better life.

And through reading the blogs of other students, I gained a lot of knowledge about the topic, especially the concept of sustainable development. Although this topic has been paid attention to for a long time, it has always been a challenge. The population is increasing and resources It is decreasing, but the consumption is also increasing, the pollution is getting more and more serious, and we need to face more and more current situations. Some are paying more attention to the sustainability of car dealers, such as reducing car dealers, increasing pedestrians, and public transportation systems. Green environmental protection systems such as bicycles.

In general, through participating in this blog, not only I learned a lot, but also gained a lot from my reflection.


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