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As this season of blogging wraps up, it’s nice to be able to reflect on the work we’ve done. The idea of the blog has been an innovative form of engaging with the module and nothing like I’ve ever done before. It has brought with it a mix of challenges and benefits.

One major benefit which I’m truly grateful for is the vast array of knowledge covered in the lecture topics and additional reading. The process of the blogging alongside reading the vast input from others was a genuinely pleasant experience. There were a few topics I wouldn’t usually be inclined to read in-depth about without the incentive of the blogs. But these additional readings  and theories have provided an enlightening outlook on Urban design. The task of the blogs and comments are a great opportunity to compare and contrast theories and force oneself into forming an opinion on them. I can’t say they provide answers to the many questions, to be honest they probably create more questions, given Urban design is such a diverse discipline in which each issue has to be resolved in its unique context. There is rarely a one size fits all answer, but that’s okay, it’s good to know that there isn’t one correct answer in this varied environment.

The group work side of the blog has been an engaging format for the short duration of the module, encouraging members to get to know each other better. I took on the role of chairing the first meeting, which was a handy boost to make sure I knew what I expected of myself before suggesting the plan as to how to spread out the blogging with others. Everyone else appeared to be on the same page in terms of a collective google drive for tracking information and posts, however I did struggle to keep up the regularity of the blog.

This would be my one criticism was the struggle to engage the blog regularity with the increasing demands of our other modules. Even though each blog is relatively short, I found it still requires the same amount of effort as a 2000 word essay in terms of finding research. As a result the time I had pre-emptively carved out was not enough to complete my second blog post and I therefore posted later than I would have liked.

The task of writing in a colloquial manner whilst maintaining rigour was a tricky one to combine and not one of my natural strengths. However the dynamic forms of blogging in posts and comments were a good challenge to test adaptability in writing. This task has inspired me to continue working on my weaker areas in engaging readers, giving it will be an essential tool in the workplace.


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