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In conclusion of my first semester’s blog experience, I would like to thank each individual that was involved in this module, both academic staff and my colleagues. I have never utilized blogging as a platform for sharing my thoughts, ideas, knowledge and expertise. However, this course significantly helped me recognize the importance of this structure as well as encounter with yet an ‘unconquered mountain’ in my personal experience. Blogging also gave me an opportunity to test my non-academic writing skills. In fact, through the course of my 4-year ‘educational life’, academic writing stylistics still remain my closest ally in preparing essays and reports. Thus, before initially contributing to a blog post, I constantly asked myself, whether my readers would understand my style or how to effectively transfer my thoughts into a paper through a simpler writing approach. The first blog workshops actually assisted me in gaining needed confidence and triggering my first blog post, namely Charrette post. I once read that successful blogs possess special techniques of narrative, structuring and presentation, which would effectively draw attention of the reader. Thus, the Charrette blog post allowed me to understand and further improve the aforementioned technique. Unfortunately, this blog was not subject to critical analysis of potential mistakes and drawbacks, hence, I assiduously sent this blog post to my relatives and acquaintances for a needed criticism and subsequent self-assertion.

On the other side, I appreciated the idea of students acting as blog managers. The opportunity to reintroduce the style, design, and introduction to Urban Design Blog as well as to solve various issues and concerns helped us, students, to effectively solve such problems through fortnightly meetings. During these meeting, it was evident that each individual intended to contribute towards the progress of the site and demonstrate it from the best side.

I would additionally highlight our weekly lectures, which were so diverse and informative that students could develop their blog post theme through just one individual presentation slide. Even those lectures, which technically narrated biographies of the lecturers contained a range of curious themes to be further unpacked.

Concurrently with writing my blog posts, I have also gained experience in utilizing WordPress program. Although I am very confident in writing my essays and reports in Microsoft Word, I tried to test myself in a new technological environment with a differing output and structure. The program also assisted me in further improving the context and narrative of my writing through Yoast SEO system, which made it more comfortable in eventually pressing ‘Publish’.

The one lacking feature of my blog posting experience was my insufficient enjoyment of completing this task. Before eventually starting posting, I would thoroughly consider various ideas and topics regarding my additional posts and comments, ranging from my first year experiences to my work experiences. However, due to tight scheduling in terms of my other modules, I could not effectively allocate specific timeframe for completing my set goals.

Overall, I massively enjoyed blog posting and I was encouraged not only to share my knowledge and expertise but also to experience my colleagues’ opinions regarding various themes, thus broadening my horizons.

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