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According to BFL12 and traffic light system, this project

gets 7 green, 5 amber, 0 red

Base on Google Maps, photos from Author

1.Connect Δ

Park View lies along the eastern edge of Saltwell Park and just west of the sought-after Low Fell neighbour. The community roads are closely connected with the surroundings.

2.Facilities and services Δ

It is about 10 minutes by car from the city center, which is very convenient. Within a 5-minute walk, there is a park for local residents to better exercise. But there is lack of small shops and communication space, such as community buildings, cafes, pubs, within short walks.


3.Public transport Δ

From Google Map

With convenient transportation, the entrance is the bus stop to the city center, the bus frequency is medium, the surrounding area provide residents with safe travel.







4.  Meeting local housing requirements Δ

Photos from Millerhomes

Picture show main types of housing, and it has a mix of housing types and tenures that suit local requirements. These houses can rent and buy.

5. Character  Δ

(Photo from author)
(Photo from author)






The overall building material is not different from the surrounding building material, the shape of the building is slightly unique.

6.Working with the site and its context Δ

The west of site have a Saltwell Park Boating Lake which provide an active rest space, creating a certain landscape space.

7.Creating well-defined streets and spaces Δ

The main vehicle entry is Enfield Rd, and the main pedestrian entry is in Durham Rd.

8. Easy to find your way around Δ

Close to the park, it is easy to find and easy to create a mental map. The entrance is clear, and the geographical height difference is obvious, it is easier to determine the community view.

9.Streets for all Δ

Photo from author

Through different floor changes, the vehicle is controlled at a certain speed. But the road can only allow the vehicles to simply pass, without creating interesting scenes that allow people to communicate or children to play.




10. Car parking Δ

Photo from author

Residents have parking on the ground floor in their yards, but one parking space is not enough for a family, so there are still many cars parked on the street.




11. Public and private spaces Δ

Photo from author

Through the installation of the fence, a better distinction is made between private and public spaces, and security within the residential area is ensured. Lack of public space and facilities for people to communicate or rest.




12. External storage and amenity space Δ

Photo from author

External garbage collection treatment is good, the garage design is moderate, the external space is general.

Overall, Park View have a good performance. But it still has lots of space fro improvement.



Reference: (2020). Building for Life | Building for Life 12 Built for Life Homes. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Feb. 2020].

Park View Gateshead – Miller Homes. (2020). New homes in Hackbridge SM67EL. [online]. Available at: [Accessed23 Feb. 2020].


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