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Building for Life 12 is a standard criteria to guide about designing good places to live. In this post, I will analyse Staithes South Bank by using those criteria.


  • Providing cycle and pedestrian network links to the surrounding areas. The cycle and pedestrian also connect with the bridge at the left of the place.
  • There are two car accessible routes.  
  • Good connection between existing neighborhoods and new developments.

2.Facilities and services

  • There are some cafes, schools, parks, and local shops near the place, but there are no restaurants close to walking distance. 
  • Since this place is in the residential area, there are not many offices or workplaces near the place.

3.Public transport

  • Convenient to commute by using public transportation. 
  • The closest bus stops are in front of the entrances, and also provide the cycle routes

4.Meeting local housing requirements

  • The project has various ranges of housing types such as detached, semi-detached, flat.
  • Each house has its own small garden
  • The houses facing the shared courtyard or play area.


  • The architecture and landscape represent asian style more than the UK culture, and it is not related to the surrounding.
  • However, it could be unique selling point for this project.

6.Working with the site and its context

  • The project working with the existing contours of the land, the setback between house and river created good views for residents and protected the wildlife habitat.

7.Creating well-defined streets and spaces

  • Orientating front doors to face the street, and designing buildings that turn corners well.

8.Easy to find your way around

  • It has the logical of street hierarchy. Even most of the building footage in every block looks the same, but each block will have some unique structures, sculptures, benches, or common spaces, or housing facade types to create a mental map of the place.

9.Streets for all

  • There are using pinch points to remind the driver.
  • Some parts some street could use for playing.

10.Car parking

  • Most of the houses provided carpark in front of their houses, but some of them need to park on the street side.

11.Public and private spaces

  • Provided play facilities for children and relaxing space for elderly. 
  • There are many types and atmospheres of the shared spaces. It created spaces that are well overlooked by neighboring properties.

12.External storage and amenity space

  • There are many styles of bin area that provided for residents
  • Provided bike storages.

Conclusion: 9 Green 2 Amber 1 Red


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