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Co-housing is a very good model. It is economical and environmentally friendly and sustainable. It can also help the elderly to have a good community living place, and it can also solve the lonely heart of some contemporary people.

And through analysis the case study, we can find more useful information:

Cambridge Cohousing members are the residents of Marmalade Lane, Cambridge’s first cohousing commu90nity in Orchard Park, Cambridge. Forty-two homes range from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom houses.

There are some share facilities:

1.Dining room and shared kitchen

2.Laundry facilities

3.Children’s playroom

4.Shared sitting room with wood burner

5.Flexible meeting spaces



8.Guest rooms for hire

9.Raised beds and polytunnel for food growing

10.Children’s play space

11.Relaxation and nature areas….

When we know what the Shared facilities are, it will be easier to help us understand it. Co-house is more economical and environmental protection, because many of the service implementation can be Shared and reduce unnecessary energy consumption, the use of resources in a larger extent, and through the sharing and use of all kinds of basic implementation. Let people have more interaction, make the speed of human emotion, and allow people to learn from each other, and improve their social skills. Residents of Shared housing projects often share appliances, tools and cars.This means that with less energy and other resources, maintenance work and costs can be divided among groups. Young people can help the old,  and some unused household appliances or things can be exchanged for other partners in the same community. Make the whole community more dynamic, more harmonious, make people happier to live.  And this model fosters an interdependent environment and helps everyone feel more comfortable with the process of getting older. 

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