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Park View is a residential development project designed by the Miller Homes at Gateshead, Newcastle. The site is placed between the Saltwell Park and Durham Road (A176) and surroundings of the site mostly residential. In this post, I will evaluate the development according to Buildings for Life’s checklist.

Connections and Public Transport Map

1. Connections (Green)
The site is well connected to both Gateshead town centre and Newcastle town centre with major road A176 (Durham Road) and the rest of the city. The development is well connected to its surrounding areas and it allows access to Saltwell Park for pedestrians.

2. Facilities and Services (Green)
There is a well-maintained green area next to the site. There are a few shops in 5 to 10 minutes walking distance as well as three schools and facilities for leisure time such as theatre, leisure centre, sports centres.

3. Public Transport (Green)
There is a bus stop at the Durham Road where the development border end. It is easy to access the central areas of the city via bus. There are 4 different buses (1, 21, 28B, N21 ) passing through the site.

Different House Types           Source: Park View Brochure, Miller Homes

4. Meeting Local Housing Requirements (Green)
Park View offers various choices for people there are 18 types of houses, two to five-bedroom houses as well as one and two-bedroom flats. The houses mostly owned (almost % 75).

Photo from Author

5. Character (Green)
The main building material is red brick and there are a few timber cladding buildings, both have grey framing and roof tiles. There is a consistency in material use which gives a distinctive character to the site.

Photo From Author

6. Working with the Site and Context (Green)
The site is placed in a sloping land and developers used the topography as an advantage to provide views to green area. The countors of development are also compatible with its surroundings.

7. Creating well-defined streets and spaces (Green)
The streets and spaces are well-defined taking into account the topography and buildings.

Photo From Author

8. Easy to find your way around (Green)
There are marker buildings at the entrances of the site. There are significant landscape features at junctions and consistency in the material on streets.

Photo from Google Maps

9. Streets for all (Green)
The vehicle road and sidewalks ha the same elevation, pedestrian-friendly environment with self-aware drivers. Streets are well designed although invaded buy cars and bins, mostly used for necessary activities.

Photo From Author

10. Car parking (Green)
Only one car park allowed for each dwelling. Most of the houses have a private garage also there are parking lots on the streets.

11. Public & private spaces (Amber)
The boundaries between private and public spaces are well-defined. There are five open public spaces and one of them is a playground.

Photo From Google Maps

12. External storage and amenities spaces (Amber)
Each dwelling has adequate storage spaces for both cycles and cars. Bins are located to entrances of 2 storey houses covered with a fence. Streetscape mostly covered by the storage spaces at eye level.


In total; 10 greens, 2 ambers and 0 reds.

Overall Park view is a well-developed residential area. The development corresponds to its surroundings and topography successfully. Quality of materials and housing typologies creates a distinct character and pleasant atmosphere.

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