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In order to better understand the BFL, I went to personally inspect the Park View residential project. Park View is a residential development by Miller Homes with a total site area of approximately 3.95 hectares, located next to Saltwell Park.

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  1. Connection Green

The road system is very clear, and every community is well connected.(located between located on the Enfield Rd East, Park Rd and Durham Rd (A176)

The width of the road is comfortable to ensure the smooth flow of the road.


  1. Facilities and Service    Amber

Both preschool and elementary schools are about a 10-minute drive away (Dryden School, St. Peter’s Primary School etc).

Next to Green park (Saltwell Park)。

Approximately 10 minutes’ walk to Sports facilities and Marine centre for leisure activities。

But this project does not have relatively large public spaces.


  1. Public Transport    Amber

The project is surrounded by other residential projects, with a certain distance from the urban area, but public transport is inadequate. There are just 4 buses (1, 21, 28B, N21 ) stopping here and lacking of subways.

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  1. Meeting Local Housing Requirements    Amber

The figures suggest that a two-bedroom flat costs around £140,000 and a four-bedroom flat around £250,000. The price is relatively high.

There are 25 houses types,rooms range from 3 rooms – 5 rooms

Picture from Park View brochure


  1. Character  Green

The design of house type is very concise also very unified. The color of the house is the same (red bricks,yellow woods), but there are different housing design. Generally speaking, the design of this community is one style.

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  1. Working with the Site and Context  Green

Most of the houses in this project are pitched roofs, which is a traditional feature of Newcastle.


  1. Creating Well Defined Streets and Spaces

The project was built on a sloping site, and the space between houses is enough.

Most of windows are facing Saltwall park.

The buildings at the entrances are also very iconic, with plenty of room for turning between the roads.


  1. Easy to Find Your Way Around  Green

The road is smooth. It’s easy to find your way around here.

But some landmarks are missing inside the community.


  1. Streets for All  Green

Landscape design is appropriate, not too waste of public space. The pavement is permeable brick, very sustainable.

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  1. Car Parking  Green

There are few public parking lots, however, almost every house has 1 private garage.

Although there are many parking spaces on the street, only one car is allowed for each unit.


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  1. Public and Private Spaces  Green

Of each house, there is a public garden in the front of house and a private yard in the back. This design is very reasonable, not only increase the neighborhood connection, but also ensure the living private space.

In addition,a recreation area is found in this community.

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  1. External Storage and Amenities Space  Amber

Each unit has one outdoor rubbish bin.

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  1. Conclusion    8green, 4 amber,

In fact, I think that one of the difficulties of a project is how to handle the connection with the surrounding areas. The connection between different residential areas is difficult to handle because the managers are different. However, the project respected the background of the site, dealt with the problem of terrain elevation, and integrated the house design style into the environment. The design of the landscape, roads and houses is very simple and modern, with enough public space to enrich the neighbourhood. I think the project is good.


Building for Life 12. (2018). [pdf] Available at: [Accessed 28 Feb. 2020].
Park View brochure,[online] › developments › brochure saltwell [Accessed 29 Feb. 2020]


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