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This semester time passed quickly, in the process of hard work, harvest a lot of knowledge, friendship. But also missed out on many of the good times in Britain.I had to go back to China because of the sudden outbreak of covid-19. I didn’t have the chance to enjoy the good life in the UK, but I left in a hurry, leaving some regrets.

Study summary, clearly feel the theme of this semester to write blog or view of the problem can be more in-depth, better able to develop their critical thinking process, can through the abundance of data reading and the analysis of the case, let oneself of the content of a project has a more profound understanding, at the same time, choose their own topics were more or less lines have been linked with this semester’s project, such as Co – house, the theme of the blog, let oneself of the subject with the input and output link, know what it is used to group, Know why this mode of living is popular among many people, the needs of the elderly and how to design livable environments for the elderly. Factory buildings and post-industrial society, the historical value of its construction of digging, arouse people’s memory, keep people in the city, better life space, using its unique traffic location, so as to better promote the surrounding land value, improve the green space, improving the quality of greening plaza, provide a space for activities of entertainment for people, get a more positive effect, reduce psychological pressure for people, to provide communication space for every race, effectively reduce social contradictions. As well as the study and research on how to build a city more suitable for people to live on foot. The 20-minute walking circle enables people to meet people’s basic daily needs in the walking circle. However, some places with high land value make it difficult to implant some functions.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, I haven’t been able to host a blog meeting, and I haven’t been able to say goodbye to my British classmates and teachers, so I have to hurry back to China, which is really a pity. But in the other junior partner chaired the meeting, they can be very enthusiastic help and suggest you should finish what homework, and can help us in a timely manner to the teacher feedback problems such a pleasant atmosphere, really is a very memorable scene, may never have no chance to experience the fun of the school, after work or school, after all, the difference is very big still.

In a word, although the writing of the blog has been terminated in this semester, the summary of the study, work and life has never stopped. The idea of the blog also tells us that only through the summary and thorough understanding of the literature we have experienced and seen can we better apply and plan.



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