An Indonesian architect and urbanism with five eyes, given pairs, pairs of glasses, and one on the lens in 18-200 mm. Traveller that tells the experience about temporary living in many places through photos, reflecting it into a concept and transform it by design as the result

Meet with BfL 12 : Staiths South Bank, Gateshead

A month ago, I visited a stunning housing complex at Staiths South Bank (SSB), Gateshead. Mine visited SSB to see what is Building for Life 12 (BfL12) criteria was implemented in real, which is mentioning: Integration into the neighbourhood  1. Connections It is about around 15 minutes drive from Newcastle city centre. There are two…
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Reflective: Half Way

  Well said this semester I was got brightness in urban knowledge as well. It is not only in urban theories but also experiences from other student’s perspective cross countries who have shared in this blog. I was never though urban’s issues was soo complicated, and it was encouraging all aspects, such as social, low,…
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Urban Identity: Marketing Tools

On my trip winter break, I have spent around 3.5 hours flight from Manchester, the UK to Marrakech, Morocco. I plan to visit five beautiful cities in Morocco: Marrakech, Fez, Chefchaouen, Tangier, and Casablanca. During land travel, I spent a night camping in the Sahara desert, but I don’t want to tell this fantastic experience…
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Urban Timeline: Materials Talks

We knew that in every city has a history timeline, that it could conclude how far those cities are developing. For many people, particularly traveller, it must be interested in figuring out the romantic story of the town that expressed in detailed classic Victorian buildings, or maybe researcher who is predicting the sustainability of a…
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Junk Fashion Trend

There is tradition when new design students of Newcastle University to celebrate the beginning of new academic calendar. All student had welcoming party that called “Charrette Week”, was started at 30 September 2019 until 4 October 2019. This event aimed to explore the creativity of undergraduates or master level to collaborative workshop. This year theme…
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