A 6th year architecture student with a desire to design. I am particularly interested in how we can improve the wellbeing of people whilst simultaneously improving the health of the environment through design. Sustainability is an area I am passionate about and I am interested in learning how this is approached at an urban, as well as architectural, scale.

Byker Wall Estate – Should we love it or hate it?

Have you ever stepped inside? If you have what did you think? I remember when I first crossed the boundary of the famous Byker Wall and entered the world that is the Byker Wall Estate I was taken aback. You transition from the roaring noise of the traffic into what feels like a suburban oasis….
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What would our cities be without shopping?

Close your eyes and imagine a public space What do you instantly see? Were you picturing a public square? A park? A marketplace? Or even just a street? All of these and more would be correct. Public space is essentially somewhere which is open and accessible to people. However, in our technologically run world our…
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How Comfortable Can Working Be?

Do you ever wish you had a more comfortable space to work in? Have you dreamt of a way of combining work and comfort that wasn’t just your bed? Well during charrette week at Newcastle University, a group of 26 of us where given the opportunity to look into just that. As a unit we…
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