Ciaran James Topping Costello

Hi, my name is Ciaran. I am currently in the process of completing my final year of the Architecture Masters course at Newcastle University, as I continue to progress towards becoming a fully qualified architect. As part of my studies, I chose to undertake a series of modules in Urban Design alongside my Architecture work, primarily because I feel the two subjects are very closely interrelated. I believe studying both disciplines will significantly benefit my development as a well-rounded designer, whilst also helping to inform my Architecture thesis work in terms of the wider context of the built environment.

Some of my main interests related to Urban Design include the ways in which the urban realm can be utilised informally and unconventionally, where its users may redefine the principal purpose of a space, contrary to its original use. Furthermore, the role urban spaces play in hosting temporal events such as festivals, markets and art installations also interests me, particularly where cities can offer unique backdrops that enhance the event itself.


As a launching event for the academic year at Newcastle University, the entire Architecture school participates in ‘Charrette Week’, a short but fast-paced workshop week that aims to encourage creative thinking and introduce new ideas to students of all years. Going into the final year of my Architecture studies, I took part in the ‘Spectacular…
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