Hi, my name is David and I am from Blackburn, Lancashire, UK. I previously studied Architecture BA at Newcastle University followed by a year working as a Part One Architectural Assistant in Accrington. Coming from a post-industrial town in the North of England, I am particularly passionate about Urban Design in the context of Urban Regeneration. I am interested in the built environment of a place as both reflective and causative of economic and social change and by the post-industrial urban landscape of Northern towns and the cultural identity associated directly with former-industrial architecture and places. Outside of Urban Design I enjoy fellwalking, cooking and writing and I most enjoy time spent hiking and camping with friends (weather and midges permitting).

Charette: Don’t fluff your lines

Charette Week: The Premise During our first week of MA Urban Design, we began (as all design courses do at the Newcastle University School of APL) with the Charette. The Charette is a one week long group project which combines students of different disciplines and stages together at the beginning of each year to work…
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