Hello! My name is Fabian and I am originally from the city of Palmira, in the southwest of Colombia. I am architect and I studied my undergraduate at the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. After finishing my studies, I was working in one architecture firm, where I could gain experience designing projects in different cities of my country.
I am passionate about architecture, cities, travel and fishing (I know, maybe the last thing does not make much sense!). In recent years I have travelled through different places in South America, from the impressive Andean landscapes in Ecuador, to the fascinating beaches of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I believe that every place always has something to teach us, not only in its physical part, but also in its traditions and manners.
I decided to continue my studies in the field of urban design, because I believe that cities play a fundamental role in the goal of achieving a more sustainable planet. This interest has brought me to Newcastle University, where I hope to learn much about the experience of the United Kingdom and other European countries in the process of designing and transforming their cities.
I invite you to follow me on Instagram (@fabian_ark) and on Twitter (@FabianLozano_).