A Turkish urban planner and MA Urban Design student. Passionate about the analyzing process, both planning and design. Interested in behavioural psychology and perception/cognition studies related to public spaces. I believe understanding people's behaviours and perceptions is the key to understanding public spaces.

Building for Life 12 Assesment: Park View, Gateshead

Park View is a residential development project designed by the Miller Homes at Gateshead, Newcastle. The site is placed between the Saltwell Park and Durham Road (A176) and surroundings of the site mostly residential. In this post, I will evaluate the development according to Buildings for Life’s checklist. 1. Connections (Green) The site is well…
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Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey with over 20 million population. The city located where Asia and Europe meet, divided by Bosphorus which is the canal separates two continent and it has a strong cultural heritage because of its geographical location. The history of the city goes back 2600 years, during the ancient Roman…
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I have always believed that the university is not only a place that we learn from lectures and tutors but also from each other as students. I think this blog is proof of that, it is an innovative learning task that provides a good platform in order to engage with different ideas. It’s also a good…
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Practice of Urban Design Getting More Challenging?

The population of the world has been constantly increasing, according to last year’s statistics, there are nearly 80 million new residents in the world (UN, 2019). Urban planners, designers, architects and all other related professions have been creating new urban areas and even brand-new cities respond to the needs of people. According to architect Alejandro…
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Behavioural Mapping as a Tool for Understanding Public Space

Understanding how public spaces works is always challenging as it is crucial for creating places for people. Nowadays, I believe that it is getting more important in over-crowded cities. Some of these public spaces are inevitably used by people since they are located in the city’s major focal points. And some cases show even the…
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