Harley Wilkinson

Hello, I am Harley originally from just North of Manchester. I have had a passion for Art & Design since an early age and through my education also. Within my Under Graduate degree in Urban Planning at Newcastle, I learnt the processes of the UK planning system whilst actively learning about urbanism and cities, I also opted for the design modules throughout the duration of the course and it was these that not only captivated me the most but also rekindled my passion for design. I am an avid photographer and through travelling I have had the chance to study and research many cities and cultures worldwide which has really broadened my horizons. Within my photography I also actively urban explore, delving into the realms of the ‘hidden’ and exploring the unusual and not very well known. As a fellow northerner I have a huge bond with Newcastle and see it as such a unique urban scape and city in the UK. Luckily I have had a great contrast in recent years, living between ‘The Toon’ in term time, my parents relocation to The Cotswolds and in the summer I live and work in London. This contrast of urban form and environment I find very refreshing and inspiring to the aspirations of my future career, to be an Urban Designer.