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My name’s Jarly and I am from China. I always was curious how many kinds of thinking can be used to interpret cities. The city has always been materialized by the power of thought and culture. Amanda Burden says the urban design is a language of cities, and when you stroll down the street, everything you see is designed.
I love travelling to different cities. I enjoy walking in the town for an afternoon to find its rhythm. I heard the metronomic of the dance when I took a boat in Venice. I'll recall the Trevi Fountain through the melody of light music.
The accelerating growth of urbanization and expansion of urban space is irreversible in China now. I wonder how to protect the city features and show urban texture in the increasingly strong urban process due to the economic strength and social power. I came to NCL MAUD to try to start a new perspective on urban space functions and urban space design. In my next studies, I will try to emphasize combined humanities factors with urban space.

Summary of Blogging Experience in Semester 1

I’m happy that I could say at the end of this semester: I got a new skill to study better through writing blogs. Writing blogs was a difficult starting for me. But when I found an interest topic for myself, it was a gradual process for me. These blogs in this semester are my first…
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Comment on Health & Well being in Urban Design by Shijie Zheng

Health-oriented urban design Three main factors affecting human health, genetics, environmental quality, and lifestyle. The quality of urban public space directly affects people’s way of life. Convenience, safety, pleasure and vitality are the basic attributes of public space quality. Urban design should pay more attention to the possible impact of daily use space on people’s…
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Comment on Urban design in Chinese city (Hangzhou) by Shijie Zheng

The ghost town without ghost “Ghost town” in geography refers to the cities in a high vacancy rate, uninhabited, and complete dark at night, which make people shudder because of the environment. When many people first saw such news, they believed that the government waste labour, supplies and capital in building those cities are not…
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Parks are important or well-designed parks are important for cities?

Urban parks, as part of public places, play an important role in the city. In a city, public space can be positive or negative. The main street or park can be a symbol of the vitality and character of the neighbourhood, as well as a symbol of its chaos and spiritual poverty. When it is…
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A new policy will lead a huge impact to urban community in China

Neighbourhood design in urban communities is closely linked to the everyday life. It can also affect our lifestyle and habits. A well-designed community can improve the quality of daily activities, and enhance Interpersonal communications to create a healthy and vibrant neighbourhood atmosphere. In the context of the accelerating urbanisation in China, the need for urban…
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Charrette: The Loop

This first semester of 2017-18 started on 2nd October. The annual design Charrette week bring energy and creatively to the students of each stages and disciplines. There were 11 sub topics in total, and asked us to use any information and skills in the process and present it at the end. Our topic called The…
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