Originally from Hertfordshire, I'm now living in Newcastle for a fourth year. With a background in Urban Planning, but now studying MA Urban Design. With the issue of climate change being a prominent challenge to overcome, I have an ambition to be at the forefront of creating sustainable places for both people of today and the future.

See ya later alligator

I would like to start by thanking you for reading my blog posts over the last few months. Blogging has been an insightful experience, giving me the opportunity to learn and explore and whole new writing style and form of communication. Overall, this is an experience I have greatly appreciated and one I will undoubtably…
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Smarten up or lose out: Are there inclusivity issue with Smart Cities?

Are you smart enough to benefit from the new wave of smart technologies set to revolutionise the way cities are built and function? (Memoori, 2015). By that I don’t mean your IQ (although that might help) but the personal equipment that will be needed to access the advantages that will come with this: smart phones,…
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Get on your bike: Reintroducing sustainable transport.

A substantial 15% of the pollutants contributing to climate change come from the exhaust fumes from automotive vehicles. Whilst the advancement of electric car technology will reduce these emissions, this will only help in the global sense if the electricity is itself produced by sustainable methods. It is therefore vital that we encourage the sustainable…
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Frankenstein’s Workshop

In today’s world, we are more likely to purchase something if it looks nice. An easy way to make a product look desirable and therefore more sellable is to package it nicely however, as a society, we have little regard to the packaging we throw away and the detrimental effects it can have. If we…
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