Architecture is a natural choice for me. Since I was young, I maintained a keen interest in several types of arts, such as photography, painting and music. I think they can directly express people’s imagination or emotions. I started my study of architecture with the fascination of arts and design. Then I fall in love with the various cultures and history of architecture. I enjoy the process of solving practical problems by designing better places for life. I studied for civil engineering in China for four years. I thought it lacked creativity and focused more on rigorous calculation of the structure. Then I learned about architecture in INTO Newcastle during last year. During the architecture studying, I realised that the architecture also would influence the emotions of people. So, a successful design is a challenge to the architect and I like this challenge. I will give my passion to learn it. After I had a chance to visit the presentation which delivered by Master students from both MAPL-D and Urban Design. I prefer the urban design and rather than focusing on building design. Personally, Urban Design is more practical and fit the Architecture circumstance in China. Besides, Urban Design have a more various combination of different culture. And I think it is something valuable in today's design. A well-design city would improve the quality of life.