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Hi, my name is Li Hsuan Hung. You can also call me Danilo. I’m the student currently studying in Urban Design of Newcastle University. Since I studied undergraduate in my home country, I’ve been interested and curious about the sophisticated structure of a city. Especially, different cities’ forms and their histories attract me a lot. Inspired from ‘Pattern Language’ and ‘The Image of the City,’ I would like to record every single place and feel how it affects the change on physical and perceptible aspects in the city personally. For me, diverse spaces could be seen as signs that bring the image to people (signifier) then influence people to act differently (signified). I’m glad to share any story and happy if you like to share any of your opinion about urban design or the sense of spaces.

Compact City, Mixed-used Development: Livable Cities?

Introduction The concept of Compact City makes people think about the effect of garden city and urban development in the new generation. Two classic cases bellowing could show the importance of compact city as a key idea for cities to develop sustainably.

Re-use, Waste, Up-cycling (Charrette Week 2018)

‘Charrette Week’ of Newcastle University is an activity which brings a host of artists, architects, engineers, designers, and thinkers to the university to run a series of week-long projects. Students from different backgrounds taught design and art courses join to devise a combination of creative outputs related to three common themes – Spectacular, Failure, Help….
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