lucy hartley

Currently in my final year of the MArch degree studying Architecture, I have also completed my undergraduate course in BA Architecture here at Newcastle University. I chose the accelerated Urban Design course as my elective module as I am aware that in practice we are faced with issues from the urban environment constantly and I strive to develop a fundamental understanding of these concerns and concepts, as Architecture and Urban Design are very much integrated with one another.

Thank you and goodnight!

Firstly, hello and thank you for reading our blog! When I started the March programme in September 2018, I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be involved in running and writing a blog and it being part of my assessment. I think for many of us the blog writing experience was a very new concept. Even…
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Domino Effect: From Run-down to Social Town

What attracts you to a space?   In her recent lecture “Measuring Pubic Space: The Star Model” by Dr Georgiana Varna, she talked about the five dimensions of publicness (through the star model) and how to measure the publicness of public spaces.[1] The aspect that intrigued me was when she discussed Jan Gehl’s measurements for…
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Improved Urban Form: A Collective Goal?

Who actually  designs our urban environment?   After attending a recent lecture “Place Making in the Garden Village Tradition” by Mark Massey from IDPartnership, it forced me to begin to wonder, who actually designs our urban environment? Particularly with regards to housing developments, I’m interested in deciphering where the voice and the power comes from…
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The Review Redesigned

What do you see when you think of an architectural review space? Is it a white-washed room? Bad acoustics? 15 pairs of judgemental eyes locked on you? All of the above? You’re not the only one. Architectural student review spaces have been the same since the beginning. Spaces to pin up your work in a…
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