Matthew Davis

When I was 9 I used to make buildings out of card board and my mum told me "Architects do that". Therefore due to my mother's inspirational words, 15 years later I am in my final year of studying the subject of architecture, hoping to venture out into the big wide world changing skylines as I go.

Goodbye, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodnight!

As someone who is normally afraid of writing anything longer than a paragraph I found the informal way of writing blogs much more amiable and enjoyable than having to write a formal essay or report. It was also something I was not expecting to do as part of my master’s of architecture degree, however I’ve…
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How to (responsibly) get lost in the city of Vienna!

It seems there are several ways of wayfinding and navigation, one example explained by, Mark Massey describing the way in which, Erskine used serial vision is used within Byker wall[1]. When walking down the street at a regular pace you can see serial vision in affect, as it will provide a sequence of revelations[2] from…
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Is there a different type of public space within a sinking city?

1. Venice. A utopia; surrounded and divided by water; which attracts tourists all year round. When I first arrived it struck me that this constantly booming city means every corner is in constant use, yet as Venice is a city constantly invaded by water we need to ask; does a sinking city use a different…
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Charrette Week Experience

The charrette in which I took part in focused on the highstreet and how we view brands. The initial focus on brands was to make us think about our perception of a product purely through how the logo looked. We then discussed, through looking at various companies, how their marketing of themselves on platforms, such…
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