Mudit Maheshwari

Hello! My name is Mudit and I am from India. I graduated from NIT Nagpur in India with a degree in Bachelors of Architecture followed by a year working as an Architect in design based company in India. As an architect I pay more attention to the details of buildings and its surrounding places. Currently I am studying a postgraduate degree in urban design at Newcastle University.
For me urban design is form of interactive art. The main purpose of studying urban design is to improve the vision of looking at different urban spaces and designing new public spaces in the city. In urban design, I find the opportunity to express and develop my strengths and abilities. The idea is to design a marvel like great men and women did with a significant function that leads its path to creativity and art, by blending human needs with nature. It is this zeal to change the trend that triggered me to pursue urban design after my graduation.
Apart from the university, I enjoy playing sports such as cricket and table tennis. I love to move around the city in my spare time. And I also like to spend most of my time with my friends playing sports.

Neighbourhood Planning: A better place?

Neighbourhoods as comprehensive residential systems have existed throughout history and their physical traces can be found in ancient cities (Morris 1979; Madanipour 1994). The lecture by Ali Madanipour focused on different principles of Neighbourhood design, Origins of the idea, Garden cities, New Towns, New urbanism, Future of the idea.   ‘Everyone has neighbours, even the…
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Before the start of our academic year, we had charrette week that involved different student from architecture school to work in group to experiment in a creative open environment. The main idea is to give new impulse to the building economy. We reused different material that were discarded in the renovation of Claremont tower to…
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