Niamh Caverhill

Hi, I’m Niamh and I’m a sixth year Architecture Student at Newcastle University. After studying my undergraduate in University of Manchester, I’m enjoying getting to know a new course and a new city up here in the North East. My interest in architecture revolves strongly around history and culture, and love supplementing these with the socio-economic topics of study which Urban Design centres around. Hopefully, you’ll love reading my posts!

Over & Out

Hello, welcome, and thank you for reading my blog posts. This module overall has been an interesting one – I would not have predicted this semester would be in a group blog format – however it’s been an enlightening, interesting and enjoyable one to participate in. To be a part of a student collective has…
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UniHealth: European Education for Urban Health

During the summer of 2019, Naomi, Tori, Michael and I had the opportunity to visit Madrid to experience their take on Urban Design. Along with taking in the Spanish air, enjoying the sights of their capital city, and sampling the local delicacies – pigs ears might be a brave choice! – we were able to…
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British Developers should Cough Up CAC

While our public space suffers funding cuts, two top examples show us how they design ‘liveability’ After the recent UK election result, a bleak future for British cities and towns has dawned on many Urban Designers, Architects and Landscape Urbanists. For the past 9 years – and now the subsequent five – Britain shall continue…
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The Smart City is on the rise. Investigating some key investors, what is the potential for our cities? Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google, known as the tech ‘Big Four’ make billions specialising in specific user-based interfaces. These companies aim to be the profiter of today’s top commodity: your data. What does this mean for our…
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