Hi there! I'm Olga from Azerbaijan, a small country on the shore of Caspian Sea. I grew up in a beautiful town in the West of the country which contributed a lot into my passion of exploring urban spaces. Currently I am doing MA in Urban Design at Newcastle University
The Soviet Union left Azerbaijan with a heritage of abandoned industrial areas, former heavy manufacturing sites. Personally, I believe that those sites are full of character and have potential of turning into welcoming places for city inhabitants.
The Industrial revolution left a thick layer of marks around cities in many countries and England isn't an exclusion. Therefore, one of the aims of urban designers is to find compromises between a number of disciplines in order to improve the daily life of city inhabitants making cities more sustainable and vibrant.
Prior to this course, I studied in London at the University of Greenwich where I gained my MA in Landscape Architecture. After graduation I worked at a construction company as landscape architect where I was working on some exciting high end residential property projects on the shore of Caspian Sea. After some time I felt a need in expanding my knowledge and taking a next step in my career. Urban design seemed to be a right choice and here I am in Newcastle, doing my second MA.
In my spare time I enjoy walking around Newcastle, taking photos and learn new techniques to edit them.
Feel free to contact me on o.aliyeva2@newcastle.ac.uk

LONDON UNCOVERED: Ghosts of the Past

London Uncovered is a series of blog posts that reveal London’s lesser known facts. In my previous blog post I explored the lost rivers of this magnificent city. The current blog post will give you a glimpse into some ghosts of the past, which at their time were important drivers of the London’s city life …
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BFL12: Derwenthorpe development assessment

As part of our course, we visited a number of recent developments. One of them, situated in a picturesque location near York, was delivered by Barratt Homes in a partnership with the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust. Derwenthorpe sits on the outskirt of York, 2 miles away from its city centre. The name Derwenthorpe comes from…
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What is Building for Life 12?

Building for Life 12 is a government-endorsed industry standard for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods. Local communities, local authorities and developers are encouraged to use it to guide discussions about creating good places to live. Building for Life 12 (BfL12) is led by three partners: Cabe at the Design Council, Design for Homes and the Home…
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The walls of one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world, London, have got many stories to tell. The city that was originally founded by Romans as Londinium and withstood a number of devastating historical events , now represents a place where the past meets the future. As many other ancient settlements,…
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Comment on: Urban Design: Health, Well-being and Flourishing by Yilan Zhang

In her blog post ‘Urban Design: Health, Well-being and Flourishing’ my colleague Yilan Zhang discusses the possibilities on how our cities might promote a healthier life style and improve the quality of life. According to her blog post, 70% of planet’s population will be living in urban environment by 2050. therefore, it is important to…
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Reflexive summary: My blogging experience

The module Principles and Practice of Urban Design was one of the most enjoyable modules. We were introduced to a number of inspirational lectures on various topics from sustainable urban transport to wellbeing in urban setting. The task was to write a blog on selected lectures, developing the theme further by doing some academic research….
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Toxic High Street: Battle for the Waistline

   The blog entry is reflecting the lecture by Prof Tim Townshend which we received as a part of our Principles and Practice of Urban Design. the post focuses on a relationship between human well-being and urban design, raising an issue of increasing obesity level in contemporary megacities.  Problem of Pollution in Urban Areas Needless to…
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Comment on ‘Compact Form: The Battle Against The Car’ by Thomas Sheriff

Hello, Tom. Your blog entry touches interesting and certainly one of the most important topics in urban design. Yes, unfortunately, our cities are built for and around cars. Human scale was completely neglected in the urban design in the 20th century. And now we have what we have-physical and social fragmentation of cities, isolation and separation…
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In search of an Ideal City: Urban Village as an example of Sustainable Neighbourhood

The blog covers my reflections on the lecture “Design of Neighbourhoods”  by Ali Madanipour, Professor of Urban Design and the Director of Global Urban Research Unit at Newcastle University.  Since ancient times urban planners, artists, sculptors, architects and philosophers were trying to reveal the secret of an “ideal city” that would meet the requirements of…
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Charrette: Afternoon tea with Earl Grey

Newcastle Monument story

Charrette Week The very first week of studies at the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape started with a week of Charrette, annual design event organised by the university and led by various designers and artists. The week which turned into a studio based project which was a fun activity full of inspirational vibes. During…
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