My name is Mark. My educational background is urban design and development from Thailand, and now I am an MA Urban Design student. I am interested in how the future cities are going to integrate with the innovation and technology by concerning sustainable development. Learning urban design in Western cities contexts is a new challenge, I would like to learn and understand the diversity of people's cultures, lifestyles, and their cities.

Blog Experience

Overall, I am glad to be part of this blog. Writing blogs is a new experience and very challenging for me. I have never done something like a blog post or anything like a webpage before. However, I think it is a good chance to learn this because as an urban designer, it is a…
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The Roles of Green Infrastructure in Urban Flood Management

Last time I posted about two case studies of sustainable flood management in Copenhagen and Shanghai (read the blog at: here). In this blog, I will describe more about the green infrastructure elements that can be involved in the flood prevention design. 1. Green roofs / Vertical garden The first one is green roofs or…
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Living with floods: Water Management and the Ecological Urban Park

Nowadays, climate change is a very serious issue. It causes the change in average temperature and flood to be more severe. Flooding plays an essential increasingly role in many countries, and it has a tendency to get more intense and cause damage to urban space around the world. Many cities that face flood issues have…
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Artificial Beauty

In the Charrette week, I joined the “Made (Not) For Instagram”, we propose installations using both tangible and intangible media to simulate a heightened sense of consumer experience that covers all the touchpoints of retail. My group created an installation inspired by the patterns of the provided outfit, it is in the theme of artificial,…
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