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Hey! I’m Richard and I’m from the North West of England, in a village called Euxton, near Manchester. I completed my undergraduate here in 2016, studying Architecture and Urban Planning, after that I decided to take a year out with South Oxfordshire District Council as a Policy Officer.

I wanted to return back to Newcastle University to study Urban Design, as my year out has taught me how important Urban Design is in the working world, plus I have missed the city. Newcastle has always surprised me with new spaces to explore, seeing vast structures that make you feel small and has a friendly atmosphere.

I hope to bring urban features that makes developments more memorable and interesting to those living there. Furthermore, an active environment and public spaces that are visually impressive as well as welcoming and inviting.

Exercising and travelling are my two favourite hobbies. I like to see how different countries use Urban Design when I’m abroad as the culture and feel of a place is different each time.

BFL 12: Trilogy, Saltwell Assessment

The Trilogy site sits in Gateshead, having close connections to the city centre and access to the metro. Trilogy is a new brownfield site that replaces the green fields, that occupied the site beforehand. The homes are built to a high standard, however, the opposite can be said for the public realm and the landscape….
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Reflective Summary: Semester 1

Creating an academic blog has been an exciting experience. Being able to freely write and express opinions to a wider audience, has been a new and challenging experience for me. This encouraging module has pushed me more into writing compact text that hold a lot of weight. Reading other blogs on the website has inspired…
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Comment on Sherry Xinrui Chen ‘Sustainable Urban Transport’

Sherry’s discussion on analysing the transport needs of the future, plays a key role in cities today. She looks at greenspace, intermobility and a range of transportation to take people to the city. Alongside, having an attractive environment that is well-connected, providing availability and affordability to everyone creates a solution to modern cities problems. I…
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Inactive and Active Lifestyles

Urban design principally focuses on people. Therefore, we look after the mental, physical and social well-being of individuals. The physical environment looks at both, the space and place quality. These in turn, impact our social behaviour and interaction with others (Barton et al, 2010). Inspired by ‘Urban Design Health, Wellbeing, Flourishing’ by Timothy Townshend. I…
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Urban Design in the UK Planning System

Today, developers follow national and regional policy set out by government and local authorities. These policies have to be implemented in any development, where planning applications are to be approved.  The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) states “development should go ahead… in favour of sustainable development” (National Planning Policy Framework, pp. 5).  However, many schemes today…
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Charrette: Flex, Flux and Fluff

Charrette Topic Flex, Flux and Fluff was our theme for charrette. We explored topic of the loop, this was a tour starting and ending around Newcastle, visiting sites that had a story. One story was the ‘vampire rabbit’, placed behind St Nicholas’s church. Its story started 116 years ago, when it was placed by a…
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