Richard Mark Dunn

"Hi, my name is Richard, and I am currently studying a Master of Architecture (MArch), with urban design as my elective module.

I am fascinated by the many interconnections and ecologies that form our urban environment, and I believe quite strongly in the importance of understanding and analysing the built environment from micro to macro scales.

Particular interests of mine include modern economy in the urban environment, ecological design, and social infrastructures."

A Reflexive Statement

To reflect upon this experience from semester one, I would start by saying I found the concept a little unusual, but fun at the same time. It was the first experience for me having my academic work displayed on a globally accessible platform, which really exemplified the fact that we are actively attempting to contribute…
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Comment: Urban Agriculture: A Functional Landscape

Upon coming across Winnie’s post on urban agriculture, it immediately piqued my interest. I have a deep interest in the relationship between the built environment and horticulture, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank Winnie for a fantastic and highly insightful post. As mentioned in the original post, increasing urbanisation is a…
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Comment: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Before sharing my thoughts, firstly, I would like to thank Sydney for a very interesting and insightful article. I am particularly intrigued by the notion that CPTED currently deflects crime as opposed to preventing it, but for this comment, I am hoping to raise an alternative issue that may be a catalyst for further conversation…
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Nature and Education as an Urban Catalyst for the Future

I recently attended a lecture by one of our professors here at Newcastle University, Tim Townsend, whose expertise focuses on that of salutogenic cities and the urban impacts of green/blue spaces. This field of study is one that greatly interests me, and so the topic I shall be discussing in this post is the importance…
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Modernity has rapidly transformed our culture to one that is obsessive over consumption and technology. In this process, society has distorted how we see and use the urban realm. It was in the first lecture of the series, ‘Principles of Urban Design’ by Professor Tim Townsend, which led me to want to discuss the impact…
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Charrette Week is an annual one-week intensive design project held in the Architecture School at Newcastle University. A collective design process that merges first year students through to final year masters students, not to mention participation from urban design and fine art. The start of this academic year afforded a wide range of design studios…
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