Shuai Yan

Hello, I am from China. My major is urban design. When i was a child, my father always play with me Lego building block which accompanied me through my childhood. Since then, I have vowed to become an excellent urban planner. I have come to Newcastle to study. I hope that I will receive a lot of goods in this year, and I also hope to share my knowledge with others.

Housing alternative-Cohousing

In order to better make the theme of this semester house-alternative better and understand more thoroughly, I read a lot of information and went to Newcastle City Case with my friends. I also paid special attention to the subject co-housing. Co-housing is a very good model. It is economical and environmentally friendly and sustainable. It…
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Reflective Summaries

Through this semester of study, I learned and felt a lot, especially the opportunity to learn the knowledge system and structure of students from different national backgrounds. When drawing pictures together, I can always hear and exchange some new questions, but also the first time to write a blog, record our knowledge of comment ,…
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British Urban Design and Urban Revival

1 Update background Britain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Marine transportation is the backbone of British transportation and trade, and many famous port cities have also been built. The waterfront has become the main entrance to the port city, and itself has become the most dynamic trading area in the city. In the later…
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The development of urban knowledge economy

The development of knowledge economy¬†in city In this short one-semester study of urban design, I often think about how some cities with economic decline are transforming, how to develop their economy, and how to make their local residents live a higher quality of life. One keyword at a time has entered In my eyes: knowledge…
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sofa studio

Charrette¬†sunmmary Through this charrette make me thinking more divergent, make me thinking become more special, make me know how to get along well with your team members more tasks to complete, as I choose this topic at the beginning, just think it’s fun, when faced with so many interesting lovely students from around the world,…
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