Sutong Yu

Hello! My name is Sutong and I come from Chengdu, a city with profound history in China. It is my fourth year studying at Newcastle University as I completed my undergraduate study in Architecture and Urban Planning (AUP) here and now I am continuing my study in MA Urban Design. The previous three-year study was a fulfilling journey that allowed me to explore significant ideas about architecture and cities and has aroused my strong interest in urban design.
I lived in Singapore for more than three years before I came to the UK. Studying in foreign countries allows me to explore diverse cultures and experience the charm and various characteristics of different cities. I appreciate the benefits that cities provide us, and I am particularly interested in improving the quality of built environment as it is closely related to the quality of our daily life. I believe that urban design should respect local conditions and reflect the unique local characteristics.

Building for Life 12 – Smith’s Dock

Smith’s Dock is a modern coastal community locates in North Shields, facing River Tyne. I am going to assess Smith’s Dock housing scheme according to Building for Life 12 (BfL12), a useful guide that sets out criteria for well-designed homes and neighbourhoods. (Image from Google Map)   Integrating into the neighbourhood 1. Connection Smith’s Dock…
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Personal Blogging Experience

In the first semester of MA Urban Design, practitioners from various specialist fields in the built environment were involved in the module TCP 8090 Principles and Practice of Urban Design to introduce a series of urban-related theories and topics, which is an inspiring learning process that opened my view to both theoretical and practical issues….
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Comment to “Sustainable Transportation for Better Future”

Thank you Mudit, for your post of sustainable transport. As you have mentioned, walking and cycling are the two most sustainable means of transport, urban design and planning should provide pedestrians and cyclists’ friendly environment. Additionally, since sustainability is at the municipal level in Europe, a variety of policies have been introduced to discourage car-dependency….
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Comment to “Compact City, Mixed-used Development: Liveable Cities?”

Thanks Li-Hsuan, for making a post to discuss the important topics of compact city and mixed-used development. I agree that compact urban form and mixed land use are determinants of liveability and urban sustainability. Although there are many architects and urban planners advocate the concept of compact city and working on the practice of sustainable…
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Design of Neighbourhoods

Although there is no exact definition, neighbourhood generally refers to a residential area of distinctive identity that provides residents with a sense of belonging and community. Principles of neighbourhood design were discussed in the lecture Design of neighbourhoods, based on that, this blog is going to explore more about the design process and the form…
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Landscape Urbanism

The contemporary growth-oriented human socio-economic systems have been widely regarded as the root cause of large-scale environmental crises including global warming, desertification, air and water pollution, etc. The desire to deal with global ecological issues and to achieve environmental health in the process of urbanisation has spurred the emergence of Landscape Urbanism, a new urban…
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Our group aimed to explore a creative way of thinking and working by building an audio-visual installation during the charrette week. We were divided into small groups to create animations and sound productions. After that, various elements were combined to create something spectacular. According to a randomly selected set of rules, animations were made by…
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