Sutong Yu

Hello! My name is Sutong and I come from Chengdu, a city with profound history in China. It is my fourth year studying at Newcastle University as I completed my undergraduate study in Architecture and Urban Planning (AUP) here and now I am continuing my study in MA Urban Design. The previous three-year study was a fulfilling journey that allowed me to explore significant ideas about architecture and cities and has aroused my strong interest in urban design.
I lived in Singapore for more than three years before I came to the UK. Studying in foreign countries allows me to explore diverse cultures and experience the charm and various characteristics of different cities. I appreciate the benefits that cities provide us, and I am particularly interested in improving the quality of built environment as it is closely related to the quality of our daily life. I believe that urban design should respect local conditions and reflect the unique local characteristics.


Our group aimed to explore a creative way of thinking and working by building an audio-visual installation during the charrette week. We were divided into small groups to create animations and sound productions. After that, various elements were combined to create something spectacular. According to a randomly selected set of rules, animations were made by…
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