Sydney Isabel Bailey

Hello! My name is Sydney and I am an international exchange student from Canada. Back home I study urban planning at the University of Waterloo with a specialization in urban design. Particularly I am interested in the concept of space, and how it can evoke particular emotions to its users. Recently I have focused upon Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design; a multi-facet approach to reduce criminal activities in public areas through urban design strategies. I have previously worked in the urban design industry producing creative infill development solutions to a bound, growing City; as well as for a large design consulting firm producing urban mixed-use development. I enjoy travelling and taking photos of interesting spaces. I find Newcastle a beautiful City to live and look forward to the ideas and knowledge I can bring home with me.

Comment to “The Road: A Public Territory”

Thanks Winnie for your post! I thought you raised a very interesting question on the true inclusivity of roads as a public “territory”. I myself have observed a large domination of vehicles on roadways, particularly back in North America where alternative transportation users are so few. It is my opinion that roadways should be made…
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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or “CPTED”, is a globally recognized design practice of using physical psychology to deter potential for crime. The term originates from early works of city philosopher Jane Jacobs, architect Oscar Newman, and criminologist C.R Jeffreys (Queensland Government, 2017); suggesting strong correlation to city design and how users behave. But can…
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Studying Urban Design in Another Country

Arriving in Newcastle as a foreign exchange student I was not entirely sure what to expect. Over the past four years, I have studied Urban Planning and Design in Canada; where I grew up and hope to someday make a difference as an urban designer. Would urban design be similar to what I had learnt…
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