Hi, I am Tomonaga Kosaku, please call me Tomo. I came from Tokyo, the capital of Japan. I studied architecture four years in my country. I came accross landscape architecture in the fourth year of university and got interested in landscape and urban design. In my home town, there are packed high-rise buildings inconsistently. Therefore, lots of voids are unintentionally created and wasting space has been becoming serious problem as they are not acting as a part of cities. But, I wish any spaces would have potential to be the centre of the city. Moreover, my ambition is to design people’s daily activity in a long term. So, these made me decided to study urban design. Townscape in European cities is also one of the reasons to study abroad. In my country, almost all buildings are designed to resist earthquakes and look quite modern. Therefore, old buildings are gradually demolished and new landmarks are built instead. It destroys townscape in cities and looks messy which makes me annoyed. Townscapes of European cities look both consistently and beautifully arranged. And many style of buildings still remain in cities. I want to spend my time in cities like that. That is why I chose Newcastle to live and study. My hobby is reading, watching animation and housework except cooking. I hope to start enjoying cooking more during this time.


School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape arranged the Charrette as a welcome event to celebrate both undergraduate and postgraduate students. It was a week long project mixed with students in other courses. Charrette gave us an opportunity to encourage communication with other students and motivation to create something excited. It can also be a chance…
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